Crosby Communications merges with Telecoms Cloud

Crosby CommunicationsCROSBY COMMUNICATIONS becomes part of the TELECOMS CLOUD family, bringing with it nearly 20 years of heritage, expertise and success in the international telecommunications market

July 1, 2014

Telecoms Cloud sees its market position further strengthened by teaming up with Crosby Communications, a key player in the telecoms industry for nearly 20 years, to combine resources and work together to realise Telecoms Cloud’s ambition to be a pioneer in Telecoms APIs.

LIVERPOOL, UNITED KINGDOM – July 1, 2014 – Telecoms Cloud Limited today announced that it is merging operations with Crosby Communications, bringing together under one roof a wealth of heritage, experience and expertise combined with innovative and cutting-edge development in the cloud computing and communications space.

“As one combined force, the two companies equal more than the sum of their parts so it makes perfect sense to combine and grow as one unit going forward.” said Paul Freeman-Powell, CEO of Telecoms Cloud. “Moreover, the wealth of expertise along with technology that Crosby have developed over the last 17 years means we can further strengthen the Telecoms Cloud network to build an even better platform for our customers and our customers’ customers.”

“We’re really excited by this development and look forward to a very strong future working together.”

Crosby Communications were the first company in the UK to offer call recording at the network level, and their flagship call recording application, Record Your Call, has been bedded into the Telecoms Cloud platform for some time via mutual co-operation. With the merging of the two companies’ operations, the Telecoms Cloud API will see its call recording capabilities further strengthened.

Matt Wilson, Chairman of both companies, explained another key benefit brought about by the merger: “Crosby Communications has developed a hugely successful call analytics platform, used by many blue-chip companies to track their marketing, plan the running of their call centres and even determine poll and competition results. The technology previously developed by Crosby Communications is now working to strengthen the all-new Colossus call analytics platform within Telecoms Cloud, available to SMEs via our branded websites as well as consumable by developers via our API.”

No customers will experience any downtime or loss of service as a result of this merger. The Crosby Communications brand will now be phased out, marking the end of an era and waving a fond farewell after 17 years, in favour of the Telecoms Cloud brand. However, customers will still see a homage to Crosby within Telecoms Cloud’s flagship fax service, named Crosby Fax. One of the company’s most successful brands, Crosby Fax has grown to be among the largest fax providers in the UK with many high-profile customers in both the public and private sectors depending on it for their critical day-to-day operations.

Crosby Fax’s SecureFax product has enabled the NHS, among others, to dramatically reduce costs whilst increasing efficiency and adding enhanced security to their procedures, essential for compliance with Information Governance regulations. More recently, they have launched WhiteFax, which prevents data breaches caused by dialling wrong numbers on physical fax machines by routing all outgoing calls via the Crosby Fax platform where numbers are screened against an approved white list.

Telecoms Cloud operates a set of multi-disciplinary structures, policies, procedures, processes and controls implemented to manage information at an enterprise level, supporting its immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements.

Note to Editors

About Crosby Communications

Founded in 1997 by Matt Wilson, also co-founder of Telecoms Cloud, Crosby Communications became a global leader in communications technology. From humble beginnings providing installations of office phone systems, they have – through constant research and development – created and facilitated many innovative and cost-effective means of communication for both consumers and businesses alike.

Over the years they have formed strategic alliances with partners such as Opal Telecom, Tiscali and Kingston Communications (KCOM) and established direct connections into the main BT trunk exchanges within the UK, even being granted their own MVNO licence from Ofcom. Crosby pioneered reverse billing within its mobile services with SMS products such as event voting, competition entries and purchasing items via text message, and were the first company in the UK to pioneer downloadable polyphonic ringtones, with direct connections to every major UK mobile phone network (Vodafone, O2, T-mobile, Orange, Virgin Mobile and Hutchinson 3G).

Crosby Communications have worked with household names such as BBC Top of the Pops, Papa John’s Pizza, The NHS, Stan Boardman (for distribution of his Top 20 World Cup Song) and many more, even helping to establish a satellite TV channel, Mobile Crazy TV, on Sky.

About Telecoms Cloud Limited

Telecoms Cloud was founded in 2012 by its current owners, Matt Wilson and Paul Freeman-Powell. The Telecoms Cloud is an API-driven platform which gives developers the tools they require to incorporate telecoms functionality within their applications, using the Telecoms Cloud infrastructure.

Telecoms Cloud also operates a number of autonomous branded websites, accessible by customers with a single account username and password, which showcase some of the possibilities brought about by the API. These include Crosby Fax and Free Fax to Email, the free and paid-for internet fax services, Record Your Call which allows recording of incoming and outgoing phone calls without the need for extra equipment or mobile apps, Disguise My Number which offers throwaway phone numbers to help prevent nuisance calls and FREE 0844 which provides 0844 phone and fax numbers to businesses at no cost.


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